South Dakota Nonprofit Capacity Building Program Excels Rural Fundraising Capacity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Renner, SD  Amanda Anglin, Executive Director of Sturgis Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) applied and has been selected to participate in cohort two of the South Dakota Nonprofit Capacity Building Program.

This credentialed professional development opportunity is a 15-month training program that involves: 1) Four fundraising courses taught by faculty from The Fundraising School at Indiana University 2) Attainment of CFRE credentials 3) Activities with a statewide cohort of South Dakota fundraising professionals.

“This is an exciting time for growth and development in Sturgis and Meade County.  This training help will build capacity for our organization and help SEDC to continue our mission of pursing economic development in Sturgis and Meade County.  Thank you to Dakota Resource and Black Hills Energy for sponsoring this opportunity.  I am excited to learn new skills to help our region grow and thrive,” said Amanda Anglin, Sturgis Economic Development Corp Executive Director.    

Dakota Resources’ is sponsoring five rural economic development professionals to participate in the South Dakota Nonprofit Capacity Building Program. “This caliber of training will increase local practitioners’ knowledge and skills in fundraising and help expand financial resources to support important community and economic development work in rural South Dakota through more effective fundraising,” said Paula Jensen, Dakota Resources Vice President of Program Development.

Successful completion of the program results in participants attaining the Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM) from The Fund Raising School and completion of requirements to become a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). Both the CFRM and the CFRE are internationally recognized credentials that indicate a high level of skill, experience, and dedication to ethical fundraising practices. Individuals that complete this program will receive training and attain credentials that raise the bar on professional fundraising practice in South Dakota.

About the South Dakota Nonprofit Capacity Building Program

With support from the Numad Group and South Dakota Community Foundation, the South Dakota Nonprofit Capacity Building Program combines the forces of The Fund Raising School at Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (The Fund Raising School) and CFRE International in a research-based program aimed at providing South Dakota nonprofit employees, volunteers and board members with high quality training and experience to help build their capacity in effective fundraising and to develop important nonprofit leadership skills. Find out more at

About Dakota Resources

Dakota Resources is a 501c3 nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution focused on connecting capacity and capital to empower rural communities. They embrace building the capacity and confidence of rural community leaders and organizations through learning networks, long-term community coaching, and capital investments. For more information, visit Dakota Resources is an equal opportunity organization.

City of Sturgis Taking Steps to Develop City Owned Property

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        

October 1, 2020                                                                           

Contact:        Christina Steele

Public Information Officer

(605)347-4422 ext. 6                                                               

Sturgis, SD – City of Sturgis Taking Steps to Develop City Owned Property 

The Sturgis City Council is proceeding with a planned development on a 60-acre parcel of land owned by the City known as the Marcotte property.  The property is located in the southwestern corner of the City bordering land owned by the State of South Dakota.

In 2013, the City chose to invest in this property for future recreation and growth and to ensure that it was not auctioned to a developer who could build a high-density development.  The sale and development of the Marcotte property will provide funding for several other projects within the community, including a splash park and an indoor batting cage.  The development plan includes a new neighborhood park and pavilion as well as retention of a large open space within the development.  A neighboring trailhead into public land will also see improvements.

Discussions about the potential for development began in 2010 when the property was identified for future growth in the Sturgis Comprehensive Plan.  At that time, the property was owned by the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department (GF&P) and was used for hunting. GF&P was interested in selling the property through auction.  The 2010 Sturgis Comprehensive Plan had previously identified using the land for a park and a commercial resort.  In 2012, due to residential encroachment, the area was deemed unsafe for hunting and the GF&P agreed, through special legislation, to sell the property directly to the City via a 3-year contract for deed at the full appraised value of $608,100.  There were no limitations placed on future use of the property as was stated during legislation. The property was paid off in 2015 and the deed was turned over to the city with no deed restrictions.  The property was then annexed into the city limits.

A Land Use Study conducted in 2014, explored the possibility of development to include a convention center and city park.  The Council did not see the suggestion as a viable option due to the significant increase in traffic that would occur.  The preferred use was recreation and housing. 

Recently, with housing in very short supply, the Marcotte property has again been considered as an ideal location for new development with a large park, open space, and housing.  Earlier this year, the City issued a request for proposals from developers who were  interested in working with the City on potential development.  Dream Design International submitted a favorable proposal and has been working to finalize plans.  A public open house was held in July to address questions and concerns about the development.  On September 21, the Sturgis City Council approved the property as surplus so it can be sold to the developer. 

A webpage titled “Marcotte Property Development” is available on the City website.  This page provides a detailed timeline and links to presentations, documents, and information about the proposed development.

Sturgis Area Consumer Survey

Sturgis Area Consumer Survey

Sturgis Economic Development Corp. is conducting a survey to obtain feedback from Sturgis Area residents and workers.  Responses are completely anonymous.  Surveys need to be completed and turned in by Friday, October 2, 2020. 

Everyone submitting a survey qualifies for a chance to win one of five $100 prize packages!

Here are three ways to participate in the Sturgis Area Consumer Survey:

1. Click on the survey link! 
2. Scan the QR Code – This is super simple!  Keep scrolling for the QR code.  Open up the camera on your phone and scan!  Click on the pop-up to go to the survey.    
3. Grab a paper copy at the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce – 2040 Junction Avenue.  

Housing Needs in Sturgis/Marcotte Property Presentation

Housing Needs in Sturgis/Marcotte Property Presentation

In 2014, the City of Sturgis and Sturgis Economic Development Corp (SEDC) partnered to hire Community Partners, Inc., with a goal of conducting a housing needs study to determine unmet housing needs, examine future trends and provide future housing recommendations for Sturgis.  The 2014 study identified a rental housing vacancy rate of .7%.  A healthy market range is 3-5%. To meet demand, the study indicated that 135-145 rental units would be needed from 2014-2019 and for 22-27 owner-occupied housing units to be constructed annually over the five years for a total of 135 owner-occupied units.

Armed with this information, SEDC and the City of Sturgis identified property options and developers.  The 2014 housing study helped foster the Dolan Creek subdivision (113), Sierra Vista Apartments (32), Canyon View Estates (18) and Wildflower Townhomes (4) developments.  These four developments helped significantly with the housing needs in Sturgis by creating 131 owner-occupied homes and 36 rental units. 

In 2019, upon completion of an updated study, it was found that housing needs will continue to increase in Sturgis for the next five years.  The rental vacancy rate increased slightly to 1.9% with need for an additional 152-175 rental units. Owner-occupied housing needs also increased to 40-45 units annually with 225 owner-occupied units needed over the next five years.  The study recommends a 2.5 year supply of available lots to meet the demand. 

Did you read the last part of that sentence…“to meet the demand”?  What a great problem to have in a community!  This means that we are growing.  People want to live here, raise their families and spend their time in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  How awesome is this!  New families mean new kids in our school system, new people shopping in our stores and supporting our local businesses, new people enjoying our ample supply of outdoor recreational opportunities, the list goes on!

On a side note, check out our new video that showcases the wonderful assets our community and region have to offer.  Click here!

Back to housing……I spend the majority of my days advocating for economic development in Sturgis and Meade County.  SEDC’s mission is to actively pursue economic development by assisting expanding or new business, industry and housing in Sturgis and Meade County.  Housing is a large piece of economic development. 

Economic development is important because it helps to grow our tax base and create jobs.  We need people!  We need people to help our communities thrive and function.  We need people to work in our local businesses, to shop in our stores and those same people to grow our community.  We also need more people to recruit businesses.  Our people need a place to live.   That’s where housing becomes such a huge part of economic development and community growth.     

SEDC has five goals – one of which is develop infrastructure.  We do this by creating a diversity of fully developed sites, buildings and housing for expanding and new businesses and industries, as well as encouraging residential housing for independent seniors and workforce housing.

The Board of Directors of the Sturgis Economic Development Corp asks that you assist in the growth of our community by supporting the upcoming housing efforts by the City of Sturgis. 

The Marcotte Property Presentation and Open House will be held on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 5:30 PM in the Sturgis Community Center Theater and gymnasium. The purpose of this event is to share information related to the future development of the Marcotte property. The public is encouraged to attend this event to meet the developer, view the plans, and learn more about this exciting new residential development.  The plans and information can be viewed by clicking here

Amanda Anglin, SEDC Executive Director

Sturgis Couple plan to open new boutique hotel

Rod and Cassie Bradley hope to turn the tide on economic development in downtown Sturgis.  The Bradleys plan to renovate the former JC Penney building on Main Street into a 22-room boutique hotel.  The Hotel Sturgis will be at 1144 Main St., the current location of C&D Sales.  The couple are no stranger to the boutique hotel business.  They recently sold their share of The Red Agave Adventure Resort in Sedona, Ariz.  The Bradleys’ were partners with another couple in the resort, which they purchased in May 2009 at a bank auction.  In July 2017, they sold their share of the partnership.  “We’ve been in the hotel business before,” Rod Bradley said.  “We know the business model.  We liked it and had in the back of our mind that if there was ever another opportunity to get back in the business that we would take a look at it.” 

The Bradleys and their partners took the Red Agave and turned that business around in the time they were owners, Cassie said, “We were able to build it back up to something great. It became a place where people loved to come with their families year after year. We’re doing the same thing here except starting from scratch this time,” she said.

The Bradleys own the Oaisis Bar in downtown Sturgis. The C&D Sales building is directly across the street and adjacent Harley-Davidson Rally Point.  Cassie Bradley who has extensive experience with the marketing side of the hotel business said boutique hotels are typically smaller than other hotels and have unique characteristics. 

The Hotel Sturgis will have nine rooms on the first floor and 13 on the second.  The entrance will feature a coffee bar called Main Street Coffee.  The mezzanine will overlook the lobby of the hotel with seating.  The rooms will be 12-by-20 feet with 14-foot ceilings. “A portion of the room will be lofted with additional sleeping up on the loft,” she said.  The loft idea came up in discussions between Cassie and the architect, Rod said.  “I think part of the boutique concept is having some uniqueness. I think the loft will be one item that is pretty unique to our property,” he said.  The two rooms on the second floor facing Main Street will be larger, suite-type rooms with large balconies.  Initial reports show the Main Street building to be in good shape, Rod said.  “There’s a draw to Main Street,” he said. “l think that’s part of the boutique aspect of this.”             

The Bradleys hope to choose a contactor by Thanksgiving and start demolition in December.  “We hope to be open in May,” Rod said.  The décor of the new hotel will be refined industrial with some exposed brick and wrought iron elements. The building already has tin ceiling tiles.  “We hope to bring the history of Main Street into it,” Rod said. “Main Street has kind of evolved. We really want it to be in sync with the new Main Street feel.”

Sturgis is known as the city of riders, which in the Bradleys estimation means more than just motorcycles. The town is forging a reputation as a premiere mountain biking area. “Our audience is active people, people who like to be out and about,” Cassie said. Locals who have heard about the project have been encouraging, the Bradleys said.  People are excited about it,” Cassie said.  Sturgis Main Street carries the stigma that it is only active during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

In recent years, a downtown association has been formed in an effort to jump-start a more vibrant year round retail environment. The Hotel Sturgis may be the catalyst for that. “Other businesses downtown think it can be a real boost to their business. There is some buzz about it,” Rod said of the hotel. “Were hoping to make this a pretty special place.”

Reprinted courtesy of Deb Holland, Black Hills Pioneer

Sturgis Brewing Co. Groundbreaking Set

STURGIS (11/26/2018) – The owners of The Knuckle Saloon and The Knuckle Brewing Co. invite the public to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for their latest microbrewery, The Sturgis Brewing Co. It will be held Thursday, November 29th, 10:00 a.m., at the construction site at 600 Anna Street, just off Exit 32, Sturgis.  

RCS Construction recently started site mobilization on the 17,500 sq. ft. building designed by TSP Architects. In addition to brewing, canning and kegging, the new manufacturing facility will include a tasting room, restaurant and retail space. It is expected to be operational in May 2019 and employ an additional staff of seven to start.  

After opening The Knuckle Brewing Co. in 2014, an expansion was needed only two years later to meet the demand. In 2017, state legislation authorized an increase in the number of barrels that can be manufactured annually. The new Sturgis Brewing Co. manufacturing facility will provide the space needed to be competitive and increase capacity to meet wholesale distribution demand.

Roger Call, Bryan Carter and Ken McNenny, members of the new Sturgis Brewing Co., would like to thank the community of Sturgis and SEDC, as well as Pioneer Bank and Trust, for their support. This was echoed by Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen stating, “The Knuckle owners are local entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the microbrewery business. We applaud their vision and hard work, and are excited to welcome their continued successful expansion.”

SEDC President Pat Kurtenbach adds, “This is an exciting time for Sturgis, as The Sturgis Brewing Co. will complement our growing hospitality industry. We congratulate them on their continued commitment to investing in the community.”

Sturgis Economic Development Corp Names New Director

STURGIS, SD (9/25/2018) – Following a nationwide search, the Board of Directors of the Sturgis Economic Development Corp (SEDC) announces that Amanda Anglin has been appointed SEDC Executive Director effective October 15, 2018.

Anglin is a South Dakota native and graduate of South Dakota State University. She has been employed in various city government capacities, most recently as the City Administrator for the City of Lennox, SD. She also currently serves as Vice President of the Lincoln County Economic Development Association. Amanda and husband Mitch will be relocating to Sturgis with their two children.

Anglin states, “I am excited to make the transition from municipal government to economic development, and to be a part of the SEDC team that has done so much to help Sturgis grow.”

SEDC Board Chair Paul Bisson adds, “The SEDC board was thrilled to attract such talent for this integral position affecting our area’s bright future. We are confident that Amanda will do a great job leading the charge for economic growth in Sturgis and Meade County.”

Anglin will replace SEDC President Pat Kurtenbach, who will retire at the end of the year.