• Incentives are customized according to the needs of each business and are determined by job creation, service creation, revenue generation, and overall economic impact. They can include lower interest loans, relocation or training grants, special lease or construction terms, and tax refund credits. SEDC coordinates incentives with City, County, and State development partners.


    Property Tax Abatement –Meade County has no real estate property tax for five years on new commercial structures or renovations over $30,000, including 4-plex and larger housing units.

    Revolving Loan Funds – Attractive terms on permanent financing for working capital, fixed assets and real estate for for-profit businesses, both large and small.  These funds are through the City of Sturgis, Meade County, and SEDC.

    Loan Pool – SEDC partners with the City, County, and private lenders to offer attractive, flexible economic benefit packages.

    Based on the type and number of new jobs, services or revenues created, as well as, the project’s total capital investment and a financial statement review, these incentives may be offered:

    • Land to build a new facility.
    • “At cost” building construction and lease back.
    • Buy-down of lease cost on constructed facility.
    • Lower cost, fixed rate financing of equipment and building.
    • Relocation grants.
    • Office space for key management during the project’s construction phase.
    • Office space for initial interviewing of applicants.

    For more information, call 605-347-4906 or click info@sturgisdevelopment.com.


    REDI Fund – Permanent, low interest financing for land, building, equipment, and associated installation costs for start-ups or businesses that are expanding or relocating.

    MicroLOAN – Working capital, equipment, real estate and other fixed asset project costs for small enterprises. Interest rate is 3% with maximum loan amount of $100,000.

    South Dakota Works – Working capital and interim construction needs on new buildings and equipment. Five year maximum term. Fixed rate, typically 1% less than the lead bank.

    Workforce Training Grant – Up to 50% ($1,000 max) match grant for training expenses.

    Bond FinancingBonds can be used for more capital-intensive projects within the Industrial operations, Ag processing or manufacturing sectors. These can be issued individually or pooled together to lower cost of issuance.

    Dakota SeedsQualifying businesses can receive matching funds up to $2,000 per intern for internships in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, as well as in manufacturing and accounting.

    Value Added Agribusiness relending Program Direct loan to businesses within the Value Added sector such as Honey processing, Meat production, or jerky facilities. This program can lend up to 75% of a total project cost up to a maximum of $250,000.

    Value Added Sub FundThe program assists with financing feasibility or businesses studies that will encourage or enhance agricultural development.

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    SEDC is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.