• Water

    Provider: City of Sturgis
    Source: Madison & Minnelusa aquifers
    % of Population Served: 100%
    Capacity: 35 mgd
    Peak Demand: 900,000 gal/day
    Chemical Breakdown: Chlorine & Fluoride


    Provider: City of Sturgis
    Type of Service: Lagoons
    Capacity: 1.00 mgd
    Peak Demand: 0.70 mgd

    Solid Waste

    All Providers: Transported to Belle Fourche, SD landfill
    Classification: Type 2B
    Life Expectancy: 25 years
    Future Plans: Expansion planned in 7 years


    Provider: Black Hills Energy
    Serves: Sturgis, Piedmont, Black Hawk, Summerset, Tilford
    Deregulation: No
    Average Cost in cents per kWh
    Small Medium Large
    Industrial Low LoadFactor – 28%   14.47    13.72   13.39
    Industrial High LoadFactor – 92%     9.78      9.53     9.42
    Commercial Low LoadFactor – 41%   13.45    12.36   11.81
    Commercial High LoadFactor – 50%   12.91    11.53   11.07


    Provider: Butte Electric Cooperative
    Serves: Sturgis
    Small Commercial
    Service Charge: $45.00/month
    750 KWH: $0.1520 per KWH/mo.
    Excess KWH: $0.1155 per KWH/mo.
    Metered Heat: $0.063 per KWH/mo.
    Large Commercial-3 phase
    Demand Charge: $17.50 per KW/mo
    KWH/100 per KW: $0.085 per KWH/mo.
    Excess KWH: $0.81 per KWH/mo.
    Metered Heat Credit: $0.019 per KWH/mo.

    Natural Gas

    Provider: Montana Dakota Utilities
    Average Industrial Cost*: $2.812/dk
    Interruptible Transportation Rates*: Large $ .191/dk
    Small $ .342/dk
    Interruptible Sales Rate*: Large $ 2.812/dk
    Small $ 2.963/dk

    Firm or non-interruptible service is available for loads of 2.5 mmbtu/hr or less.  More depending on natural gas load factor. *Based on cost of gas from August 2018 to  July 2019.
    Definition: Large = More than 40,000 dk/yr
    Small = Less than 40,000 dk/yr

    For more information: http://www.montana-dakota.com/rates-and-services/rates-and-tariffs


    # Service Providers: 6
    Switch Technology: Digital
    Monitoring: Yes/Remote
    Fiber Service: Yes
    ISDN: Yes
    DSL: Yes
    ADSL: Yes
    Dual Feed: Yes
    Providers: Vast Broadband (605) 721-2000
     Midcontinent Communications
    Century Link 855-861-2800
    DSL.com   866-945-3694

    SEDC is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender