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    October 1, 2020                                                                           

    Contact:        Christina Steele

    Public Information Officer

    (605)347-4422 ext. 6                                                                         csteele@sturgisgov.com

    Sturgis, SD – City of Sturgis Taking Steps to Develop City Owned Property 

    The Sturgis City Council is proceeding with a planned development on a 60-acre parcel of land owned by the City known as the Marcotte property.  The property is located in the southwestern corner of the City bordering land owned by the State of South Dakota.

    In 2013, the City chose to invest in this property for future recreation and growth and to ensure that it was not auctioned to a developer who could build a high-density development.  The sale and development of the Marcotte property will provide funding for several other projects within the community, including a splash park and an indoor batting cage.  The development plan includes a new neighborhood park and pavilion as well as retention of a large open space within the development.  A neighboring trailhead into public land will also see improvements.

    Discussions about the potential for development began in 2010 when the property was identified for future growth in the Sturgis Comprehensive Plan.  At that time, the property was owned by the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department (GF&P) and was used for hunting. GF&P was interested in selling the property through auction.  The 2010 Sturgis Comprehensive Plan had previously identified using the land for a park and a commercial resort.  In 2012, due to residential encroachment, the area was deemed unsafe for hunting and the GF&P agreed, through special legislation, to sell the property directly to the City via a 3-year contract for deed at the full appraised value of $608,100.  There were no limitations placed on future use of the property as was stated during legislation. The property was paid off in 2015 and the deed was turned over to the city with no deed restrictions.  The property was then annexed into the city limits.

    A Land Use Study conducted in 2014, explored the possibility of development to include a convention center and city park.  The Council did not see the suggestion as a viable option due to the significant increase in traffic that would occur.  The preferred use was recreation and housing. 

    Recently, with housing in very short supply, the Marcotte property has again been considered as an ideal location for new development with a large park, open space, and housing.  Earlier this year, the City issued a request for proposals from developers who were  interested in working with the City on potential development.  Dream Design International submitted a favorable proposal and has been working to finalize plans.  A public open house was held in July to address questions and concerns about the development.  On September 21, the Sturgis City Council approved the property as surplus so it can be sold to the developer. 

    A webpage titled “Marcotte Property Development” is available on the City website.  This page provides a detailed timeline and links to presentations, documents, and information about the proposed development.