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    A judicial probe of the incident by a tribunal led by Justice Zahid Qurban Alavi and the ensuing report has not been public up until now, and has been partially leaked to the media. It talks of violation of rules in the setting up of factory and approving the building, lack of safety standards and no emergency exits. Some leaked parts suggest that the report established short circuiting as the cause of fire.

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    canada goose outlet new york city Granville Barker ran his own company at the Royal Court Theatre in London where he produced and acted in many of Shaw’s plays, apart from writing, directing and acting in his own plays. After doing exemplary work at the ‘Court’, he withdrew from the theatre and for 20 years lost all contact with the rest of the world. Out of his self exile came one major work, slowly assembled over many years: “Prefaces to Shakespeare.” As a student of Shakespeare, I have gone through quite a few critical studies on him, but I must confess that “Prefaces” is the only critical work that has made a real impact on me canada goose outlet new york city.

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