• GJELTEN: It was that support for free thinking that sold Omeish on America. He had permission here to dig into Islam, freedom he would not have found in some other countries. The woman he married was also a devout Muslim, also from Libya. The devil told him that through this plant he would travel into his blood and take over his body, but he would have to replenish the source of power through the now evil medium of sugar. Only Little Debbie http://www.ssublindside.com Oatmeal Crme pies are strong enough to keep him at full power. I watched my happy relationship fall apart that now I realize sucked anyway, had to quit my job before I was going to be let go and find a new one fast (after cool boss was fired to save money, new boss was cool enough to warn me.) and dealt with several health issues then someone tried to break into my house while I was home earlier this month, (but now I have a cute dog), I decided I need a break.I’m flying to Portland/Seattle the 2nd weekend of November and just looking for any tips on places and/or beer to try while I’m up there for the first time? I’ll be in each city for a day so need a list to cool things to check out, super appreciated :)FYI I’m from Texas and go crazy for snow so does it snow in early November up there or nah?Dang man, rough year.The only snow you find in either Seattle or Portland would be in the mountains nearby.

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