• But we’re getting better. We’re building great habits. All that said, we went 2 2, lost the last two. If England loses, the increase jumps to 38 per cent. The campaign also chanelled other countries’ flags to display that domestic violence is a problem worldwide. The study, conducted by Lancaster University, analysed data from the Lancashire Constabulary in the United Kingdom.The Belgium flag ad appears to be the bloodied face of a man, with one Instagram user thanking the firm for acknowledging male victims of domestic violence as well.However, this is not the first time that the National Centre for Domestic Violence has launched a campaign to prevent incidents and raise awareness of the despicable correlation between football and abuse.During the 2014 World Cup, the organisation campaigned on social media after a rise in abuse cases were reported after England lost 2 1 to Italy in the first game of the event..

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