• LIRE : Gagn Les deux Martin au Temple de la renomm Rask de retour chez les Bruins apr un cong autoris crains par contre que les athl en subissent de s contrecoups. Il y a une limite les solliciter comme on le fait. Les g tout leur temps, leur entra et leur nutrition.

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    If you have trouble remembering to take your meds, set an alarm. Make it part of your routine. Carry a couple with you in case you happen to be out when the time comes to take them. But in this cycle of war and conflict, our homeland is becoming the kind of police state we pride ourselves on fighting against. As a cohesive and cooperative population, United States citizens need to remember that the founding fathers were breaking the law with the formation of this country, that civil disobedience and political descent is a constitutional right and the means by which our country became great. I encourage all who read this to sit down, link arms, and disobey until, finally, change trickles up.

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