• Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Reveal Discussion 21

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    Log in when Rastakhan’s Rumble releases and claim 6 Rastakhan Rumble packs, a canada goose outlet uk sale free Legendary Loa card and two buycanadagoose copies of the rare Spirit associated with it.

    canada goose store New Keyword Overkill: These cards trigger additional effects during their owner turn when they kill a minion by doing damage that exceeds the minion’s health. The effect will trigger even if both minions die as a result of the attack. canada goose store

    Spirits: Manifestations of the Loa power, each team gets access to these special minions with abilities that can turn the tide of battle. canada goose outlet germany Spirits are all 0/3 minions and get to enjoy Stealth the first turn they’re in play.

    canada goose black friday sale Legendary Loa: Powerful primal gods that have been worshipped by Trolls for thousands of years. Each Loa is patron to one of the 9 teams in the Rumble, aiding them in battle and granting their spiritual essence to their chosen Troll Champion. canada goose black friday sale

    New Singleplayer Content Rumble Run: Take to the Gurubashi Arena in a new single player experience. You’ll take up the mantle of a young, fiery aspiring Rumbler, ready to join a team and test your might against a colorful array of Rumble champions. Start by picking one of three randomly selected Troll champions. Your choice determines your class for this run and gives canada goose outlet in canada you a powerful minion on the board at the start of each match. Fight your way through the ranks with the help of powerful Loa Shrines that will be in play in all your battles. As you progress, you get to add more powerful cards to your deck on your quest to canada goose parka outlet become Champion! The Rumble begins December 13th!I don care about upvotes or down votes. Malygos is a problem for three reasons, the way I see it

    canada goose clearance sale 1) it a design constraint, because you now always have to design around OTK potential that may be too easy to achieve. canada goose clearance sale

    2) Malygos games are just not very satisfying to play against (and Togwaggle Mecha to a lesser extent, but at least they rotate out eventually). The games are not fun. It feels like Solitaire much of the time.

    3) there is too much easy potential to get him (and additional ones) out on the board today, between cube, twig, dreampetal, rogue stuff, priest rez canada goose outlet stuff, etc. While canada goose outlet kokemuksia he was fine when none of this Mana cheating was possible back when he was released with the first set, the Mana limitation just isn a limitation anymore. But that doesn mean that Malygos needs to be HOF to open up that space. Malygos doesn present the problems that Sylvanas or Ragnaros did, in that you could just easily jam it in to every deck. Team 5 have allowed the presence of Malygos to be large or small depending on the other cards that get built around it, and those cards have only been around very recently, in this Standard year.

    buy canada goose jacket 2) OTK games in general are always going to feel like Solitaire, and that doesn change by HOF Malygos. Surely Malygos is one of the (many) ways you can build an OTK strategy in Standard right now, and as long as Malygos doesn present itself as the dominant way to make an OTK deck, I don think Malygos is going anywhere for that reason. buy canada goose jacket

    3) I would argue that Malygos is not the main problem you describing here.

    canada goose uk black friday Mana cheating in general ruins the game if it not kept under control. Malygos may be a design constraint, but he a design constraint that Team 5 has done an excellent job of working with. canada goose uk black friday

    I never really felt bad losing to a Malygos deck; sure they solitaire, but so are all OTK decks, and at least Malygos takes a whole bunch of cards to pull off, or else a decent amount of set up to get it ready to go, almost all of which can be teched against.

    (It slightly harder to tech against Malygos in resurrect priest, but that deck is incredibly powerful even if it doesn hit Malygos, so the problem clearly isn with Malygos.)

    cheap Canada Goose And that because +5 spellpower just isn that great for OTKs. You almost definitely going to need 4 spells to even hit lethal, and that doesn canada goose outlet store quebec count the cards you need canada goose outlet location to use to set up the OTK like Innervate. cheap Canada Goose

    canada goose uk outlet It a strong card, and fun to build a deck around, but the number of times that I play against it and feel like there was nothing I could have done to win is pretty rare. And when it happens, it always because of mana cheat cards like Dreampetal canada goose outlet black friday Florist (downside is RNG) and Twig (downside is can be teched against, but still REALLY powerful). canada goose uk outlet

    Compared to Florist and Twig, Malygos just doesn feel OP enough on its own to warrant a HoFing, imo.

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