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    buy moncler jackets A bold and shocking news release, issued Tuesday, May 29th, by Canada’s International Trade section announced they moncler factory outlet had secured deals with the worlds top oppressive regimes and, to facilitate even better ties, are securing top executive industrialists for direction. buy moncler jackets

    Even though these trade deals are with some of the most notable corrupt and despotic Moncler Outlet regimes, not one selected advisor is associated with human dignity, let alone rights.

    While residents of British Columbia protest China as being behind the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker traffic, the Canadian Government is boasting of new deals with even more oppressive regimes.

    The news release begins with cheap moncler coats colourful words promising prosperity;

    The Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia Pacific Gateway, today announced the members of a new advisory panel that will help guide Canada’s ambitious, pro trade plan in large, dynamic and fast growing priority moncler jackets outlet markets.

    moncler outlet sale This sounds great until one reads, as the release begins to lists, where these “large, dynamic [] priority markets” are; as the news moncler outlet release continues, moncler outlet sale

    [Canada] concluded new free trade agreements with nine countries: Colombia, Jordan, Panama, Peru, the European Free Trade Association Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and Honduras;

    cheap moncler jackets This media spin is insidious. European Free Trade Association. This is supposed to cheap moncler jackets sale dampen the thoughts of the most corrupt murderous governments on the planet. The European Free Trade Association is a failing organization, faltering on the backside of the European Union losing more than half of their membership, nine countries to the current four moncler outlet uk listed, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. cheap cheap moncler outlet moncler jackets

    The Canadian government does not expect you to know this. And Liechtenstein? We boast about this plot of land no bigger than 62 square miles as a “large, dynamic, priority market?”

    moncler outlet store Peru? The shining light for moncler outlet sale the persecution of rights? In 2009, during the beginning of June, the Peru government attempted to stop Peru people from stopping Canadian oil companies from destroying their land. The Peru police killed 25 people. Then the Peru government shut down the local independent media. moncler outlet online moncler outlet store

    cheap moncler outlet Honduras? From the Globe and Mail; cheap moncler outlet

    Honduras is an impoverished quasi dictatorship where journalists are routinely assassinated. Canada sells less than $50 million a year there importing four times as much We export more to the United States in 88 minutes than to Honduras in a year.

    monlcer down jackets Stephen Harper is on a march to the bottom of the pack and he is taking all Canadians with him. Canadians are becoming the most despised. It is such a https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com great betrayal to all peoples of the world who looked to the great Nation of Canada for dignity cheap moncler jackets and respect. We were seen as peaceful, kind and considerate; purveyors of truth and justice. Where anywhere on the planet being Canadian was like having a get out of jail free card. Even Israeli spies used Canadian passports. We were that trust worthy. But no more. monlcer down jackets

    moncler outlet online As right thinking Canadians question and worry about shipping Canada’s most valuable raw resource, petroleum, to China, Stephen Harper has long left them in the dust. China is nothing in the grand scheme, just you wait. Move on over, we have a freight train comin’ through. moncler outlet online

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get more desperate, the Stephen Harper news release spin machine moncler sale outlet boldly tells more. They proclaim for all to see who they desire to take cheap moncler guidance from. All business and industrialist types; no nonsense pillagers; with nary a single representation of human dignity or social conscience included.

    moncler mens jackets Harper was once quoted as stating, ‘when I’m done moncler outlet store you won’t recognize Canada’. He underestimated even himself. moncler mens jackets

    cheap moncler coats When Harper is done you might not recognize civilized society at all. Dead bodies will just be the cost of doing business. It already is with these new trade partners, we simply shaking their hands. cheap moncler coats

    There is so much more to be said. It is an affront to everything Canadian; who we associate with, how, and the protection measures we will provide for them.

    cheap moncler sale Apparently Canadians will now be allowed to work in China and Honduras. Like they couldn’t before? Read between the lines. cheap moncler sale

    And that is the difference between Canadians and their Government. They are each worried about different climates.

    moncler outlet Read the entire news release. Read it twice. moncler outlet

    moncler sale And consider the type of society you would like your children to be raised in. The one our ancestors ran from or the one they built for us moncler sale.

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