• An investigation by New York’s powerful banking regulator Benjamin Lawsky is still ongoing too.And he has a reputation for extracting record monetary settlements from global banks.They will both need evidence of course and that might not be easy, says Admiral Markets’ Darren Sinden.(SOUNDBITE) (English): DARREN SINDEN, MARKET COMMENTATOR, ADMIRAL MARKETS UK, SAYING:”I wonder how difficult it will be in open court to prove that you were actually disenfranchised and actually lost money as a result of the activities of the bank. You may feel that you did but how easy would it be to define a specific example and show that you were out of pocket? That may put some people off pursuing a court action”Few doubt there’s now a will to move on and adopt a new banking culture.But those stung by this latest scandal may find it hard to put the past behind them.Around 30 people have already been sacked or suspended in connection with the probe. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:.

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