• I mean, they did play some of his videos in live events early on. I won disagree that Riot could have done way better in improving relations with their wide array of content creators, but Dunkey also became relatively famous off the game (as did many creators). Given the vulgarity of some of his content, I not surprised Riot kept him at arm length after a point..

    iPhone Cases Specific and other separately disclosed items, including investment in restructuring, profit on disposal of businesses and amortization in respect of historical acquisitions, resulted in a net gain of 10 million after last year’s charge of 59 million, with the main reason for the year on year swing being the 74 million profit on disposal of businesses which we recorded in the year.As a result, statutory earnings improved from 198 million in 2016 to 236 million in 2017, with the EPS increasing by 19% to 15.2p, whilst cash generated from operations decreased in line with our expectations to 488 million.Net debt is reduced by 183 million over the last year, resulting in a net debt to EBITDA ratio of 2.4x at the end of December 2017 compared with 2.8x in 2016.Turning now to the bridge from core businesses to our statutory results as set out on Page 4 of today’s release. The presentation here is consistent with the component analysis we adopted in 2016. I’ll take you through the core business results in a minute but, first, looking at the other components. iPhone Cases

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