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    Canada Goose Online The Australian Federal Police must have the powers, as do all our other intelligence, and law enforcement agencies, to enforce the law online, as well as offline.” “We expect the rule of law to apply online as well as offline.” Turnbull said encryption technology made policing difficult, meaning the messages could be intercepted but “can’t be read, can’t be interpreted, other than with considerable difficulty.” “The brilliant tech companies in Silicon Valley and their emulators, bring their brilliance to bear, to assist the rule of law. To enable us to be able, not through back doors or canada goose jacket outlet sale any untoward means, but legislate appropriately with the force of law, in the usual way that applies in the offline world, enable our law canada goose outlet black friday enforcement agencies to have access to these communications so that they can keep us safe. “We are already leading the way here in Australia with new legislative priorities that will ensure that internet companies, like the telcos at the moment, canada goose outlet uk fake will have the obligation to assist the police with getting access to communications and information and data that they are canada goose outlet official lawfully entitled to, in canada goose outlet toronto accordance with an appropriate warrant or court order and canada goose outlet black friday sale also, to give the Australian Federal Police the ability that ASIO currently has, to remotely, again in accordance with a lawful order, to remotely monitor computer networks and devices.” Turnbull said canada goose uk the companies need to “face up to their responsibility” and assist in security canada goose outlet hong kong and law enforcement, naming WhatsApp and Telegram as two platforms of interest. Canada Goose Online

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