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    Not at all. The reveal is that (assuming you didn’t get it from the spoilery name of the first one being literally, “The Force Awakens”) the Force chose Rey. It just wasn’t the reveal you wanted.

    Anakin parentage wasn a mystery that lasted through 2 movies though. That question was canada goose outlet shop asked and answered in the space of about 5 minutes in Episode 1.

    Hell, they could have gone with “Rey is literally born entirely whole cloth from the Force” and that would been a more interesting answer than “You were just abandoned at birth by drunks”.

    canada goose uk black friday At this point, I will say a few things: I like TFA, and was outspoken against the idea that Rey is a Mary Sue (she really not, anymore than Luke or Anakin, and at that point it isn Mary Sue dom, it being the force using main character of a Star Wars movie.), and I don have any problem with her canada goose outlet being a chosen force user or the force having a more powerful/active influence on her than previous protagonists, and I was looking forward to her character development in this movie. canada goose uk black friday

    Canada Goose Online And all that said: If that was the only time they would have subverted canada goose outlet london uk expectations in the film, I would still enjoyed it. But canada goose outlet black friday sale they made a hobby out of it. Canada Goose Online

    cheap Canada Goose Snoke is going to be important? Nope, killed off with no other feasible big bad for the rest of the series apart from Kylo; may not have been bad except that after that they had the big “will Rey turn canada goose outlet store montreal Kylo or will Kylo turn Rey?” scene that would have been incredibly suspenseful. had they not written themselves into a corner where the only outcome was the one we got: them at odds with each other, because at this point if they both stayed on the same side one side or the other would be more or less helpless for a main force using figurehead. cheap Canada Goose

    Finn is going to heroically sacrifice himself? Nope, the engineer lady is going to ram her land speeder into his, which should have killed them both and left the big death star laser alive.

    canada goose store There a turncoat on the rebel ship? Nope, turns out it just some new piece of tech the rebels don know about. canada goose store

    canada goose factory sale There no turncoat? Nope, turns out to just be this arms dealer/codebreaker who isn actually on the Rebel ship at all. canada goose factory sale

    Those Jedi tomes are important books that need to be preserved? Nope, Yoda destroyed them.

    Yoda destroyed those Jedi tomes? Nope, turns out Rey somehow had a copy of them.

    uk canada goose outlet Luke is going to have a lightsaber battle with Kylo? canada goose outlet buffalo Nope, he projecting himself across the galaxy. By this point, most of the rest of those subversions had happened, and I called it because I thought to myself “What would be the least satisfying conclusion to this lightsaber duel?” uk canada goose outlet

    A meta one, and one that annoyed me but that I actually blame on my expectations: I was ready for Leia to actually die, erinpsalzer and not CGI Force Jesus her way to another ship. Given that Carrie Fischer had died, I thought that with all the drama leading up to that moment, it would act as a moment of catharsis and a theatrical send off, letting her die as a hero in battle saving her rebels by sacrificing herself. But she still alive as of the end of this movie. Now, in hindsight, I realize that this was probably all put to film and committed to before she actually died, and that they probably had other plans for her at some points in the film that she never got to complete. But even from a narrative perspective, if we going with themes of letting go of the past and not relying on brash heroics to win battles, her sacrifice there would have at least furthered that first one.

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    Canada Goose Coats On Sale Hell, they could have gone with “Rey is literally born entirely whole cloth from the Force” and that would been a more interesting answer than canada goose factory outlet vancouver “You were just abandoned at birth by drunks”. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

    I going to respond to this part only, because the rest is a all tangential and I not interested in an in depth debate about TLJ.

    Canada Goose Jackets You think “she was made by the Force” is interesting? It was the first time, but doing it again would not be interesting at all. It would be easily digestible, certainly, because it familiar, but I can see a response being any more in depth than “oh, ok, that makes sense” and then giving it no further thought. That not interesting that boring. Canada Goose Jackets

    Instead, the Force has awoken, and done so in a very canada goose outlet toronto powerful way in Rey. It needed someone NAO, and couldn wait to birth a child instead. Like has been pointed out elsewhere, Jedi were not allowed to have families. So where did Jedi come from? ALL the Jedi across the history of the order came from nobodies. Rey origins canada goose outlet store uk don have to be meaningful. The fact that her parents were nobody significant IS itself meaningful. Otherwise, why is it relevant that the Force has awoken at all?

    That far more interesting, canada goose outlet real IMO. The mystery was necessary to sell the point, I think. 2 points submitted 5 days ago

    “This community” is fine. Reddit works on upvotes, and it does take many upvotes for a post or comment to rise to the top, where it can give the false appearance of being the prevailing position on a topic.

    I agree with everything OP says here. We have the situation with random rolls, etc that we are in because “This Community” wanted it.

    So which is “This Community” that doesn’t want it?

    canadian goose jacket Sure, maybe there are some overlapping members maybe people who don’t think critically and for whom doublethink is second nature and complain about anything while forgetting what they were saying a month ago. canadian goose jacket

    But I maintain “This Community” and I mean both the Destiny Community at large as well as the DTG Community is fine.

    It’s also popular to complain about said Community, so there’s that. Hell, there’s almost more complaint about that than there is about Destiny some times.

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