• The question is if the game will ever be ported to PC, which gives the impression that the issue is not with the game, but the device it is on. But the issue is with the game; it’s designed for mobile, so it’ll be a dumbed down rip of the mainline games no matter what and a PC port won’t change that, so why do we care if it gets ported or not? Here anyone’s mind might come to the conclusion that maybe it’s for the same reason people want console exclusives to be ported: they don’t own the console. That’s why he asks if we have phones, because it seems to him like the crowd wants the game, they just don’t want to play it on their phones.But what the guy in the crowd should have said when he walked up to the mic was, “Aw fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this” because fuck, I can’t believe they’ve done this..

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