• STURGIS (8/2/2012)- A collaborative effort among the City of Sturgis, the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce, Sturgis Economic Development Corp., and FourFront Design, Inc. is underway to develop a Downtown Framework Plan for Sturgis. A task force of 15 community members has been formed to collaborate with FourFront Design, Inc. to complete a 10-week effort to “facilitate change and betterment” of the downtown district. FourFront Design, Inc. was involved with revitalization efforts in Downtown Rapid City and in particular with the Main Street Square and surrounding projects.

    FourFront’s Planning and Landscape Architectural Department will lead the effort and work directly with the City of Sturgis to intertwine recommendations with current City policy. Various planning efforts are under consideration as part of the effort. The Task Force is also charged with developing branding and visioning efforts, as well as identifying pilot projects that would “bring the flavour back” to the downtown district with hopes to return a vibrant economy that attracts businesses, visitors, and revenues year round. Integration with existing planning efforts such as the Sturgis 2030 Comprehensive Plan is particularly important to the process, as are other policies currently in place.

    This grassroots collaborative effort will present recommendations to the public at key milestone dates in September and October. The project is funded through the generosity of downtown business owners and all participating organizations.